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Finding the Right Accommodation with Online Travel Reviews

Posted August 7, 2014

The one thing that makes a good hotel stand apart is their service quality. Travelers, all around the world, either stay in a hotel, which has been recommended by their near and dear ones or follow different travel reviews available online to find the right accommodation.

Travel reviews that are available online are generally published to give information about the various services available in a particular hotel. Apart from this, many travel websites also publish customer reviews, which provide the real picture of the accommodation.

There are many factors that are considered before initiating a travel review. Some of them are:

  • Customer satisfaction: One of the most debated subjects in the hospitality industry is, undoubtedly, customer satisfaction. This factor specifically matters for hotels as this is the only way of judging the actual potential of a hotel.
  • Food and beverage: Guests also check the type of food and beverage available in a hotel. This is usually one of the top most reasons of dissatisfaction among many guests.
  • Room size and view: If the room size is wrong or rather small, it is sure to get a negative review for a hotel. On the other hand, if the view is not perfect from a seaside hotel room, a guest would rate the hotel low, while giving feedback.

Welcome gesture and documentation: A proper welcome gesture and hassle free documentation can surely fetch a good travel review for a hotel.

Advantages of Checking Travel Reviews

Travelers all around the world prefer checking different kinds of reviews that are available online before they decide on a destination and accommodation. This is important as it ensures the selection of the best hotel that suits the traveler’s pocket. Hence, there are many advantages of checking travel reviews. Some of them are:

  • Price comparison: The biggest advantage of checking travel reviews is getting the opportunity to compare the prices. Many customers post reviews online with the price information of different hotels. This helps other travelers to analyze the best price available in the market. These reviews also help travelers judge the price changes that might happen in the near future.
  • Room availability and available amenities: Some travel reviews also have information about the room availability in a particular hotel. It will mention the off and on season for a particular destination and hotel. These types of reviews are very important for travelers who are specifically looking for available rooms during the peak season. Along with this, the reviews also list the amenities that are available in the hotel.
  • Customer service: This is one of the biggest advantages of reading travel reviews online as the behavior of a hotel staff is an important factor while selecting a hotel. A hotel that follows a high rate of customer satisfaction will, undoubtedly, get better reviews that will help it get more bookings.

There are many things that travelers tend to overlook when reading a hotel review online. However, these are critical when it comes to selecting the right hotel. Some of these are:

  • Where: It is very important to check the place or the website you are reading the review on. There are different travel websites that offer various types of reviews. However, the authenticity of these reviews should be checked before trusting or following them.
  • Who: When travelers check different types of travel reviews, they should keep in mind who is reviewing. Travel reviews can only become authentic when done by some renowned travel website or person.
  • What: It is very important to check what has been reviewed and what has been left out. Maybe, you would need to check other reviews also to get the correct information about a hotel.

With online shopping becoming more or less a norm with many travelers, such reviews help you find an ideal hotel when traveling, especially to a new destination. One wrong or bad review can affect the demand for a hotel adversely. Hence, it is important to understand which review to trust before taking a final decision.